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Door Fold Creative Resume


Tori Orme-Creative Resume Handout


Tori Orme-Creative Resume Handout


Tori Orme-Creative Resume Handout

We open many doors in our life. Occasionally we may open a door without knowing what’s on the other side, and we find it’s exactly what we’re looking for.

My passions are videograpahy, photography, and design. I created this creative resume handout to look like doors that open to show my experience and skills in these particular areas. Different Adobe programs that I’m well experienced in are at the bottom to show my versatility. I have education and leadership on the right side and examples of some of my work on the left. On the back I give my website, email, Instagram, and phone number contact information.

I created my resume in Indesign and used the background photo of my website as the background photo of the inside to keep consistency with my design.

I printed with Quick Ship N’ Copy for only 9$ on 110 pound card stock and it turned out great!

I’m a hard worker and will give my very best with any project. So when you need someone with video, photography and design skills, open the doors of my resume and find exactly what you’re looking for.


I loved looking at pinterest for creative ideas


  1. Tori I love the design for your resume! It is very easy to read and it shows great examples of your work! I also love that the background looks textured. You should check out Erik’s resume at

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