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Comm 316 Portfolio


These are my favorite photos taken the past 3 months in my comm 316 professional imaging class. There were so many different photo shoots, and it was hard to choose out of all my photos. I tried to choose in different areas of nature, food, architecture, and my personal favorite, portraits. Being in Comm 316 professional imaging class has given me so many opportunities to expand my skills. I had never had client shoots before this past Fall. I love working with families and single portraits. I’m looking forward to doing more engagements and weddings.

Tetons-Jenny's Lake-BirdMacro Still Life ย Tori Orme-Vintage Plane Fashion Shoot Tori Orme-Vintage Plane Fashion Shoot Tori Orme-Vintage Plane Fashion Shoot Tori Orme-Restaurant Dish DelishTori Orme-Fresh Fruit Photography Tori Orme-Restaurant Dish-Delish Tori Orme-Architectual Photography Tori Orme-Morrison Family Portraits-couple2 Tori Orme-Morris Family Portraits



  1. Tori you are incredible, not just your photography but you yourself. It has been so fun getting to know you better and to see how you go about your stye of photography. I am truly always inspired. I have to say the group fashion photo with the yellow plane is one of my favorites ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I’ve had a lot of fun this semester getting to know you and have been inspired by your work! You always have great ideas and your photos always turn out great. One of my favorites is still your picture of the bird. Good luck with everything!

    Check out one of my favorite posts from Tyler’s portfolio at:

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  3. Your macro shots amaze me. Using your ring is a great idea for those. Also your Legacy Flight Museum photos are stellar! That one of Tyler Shearer dipping his wife with the sunset behind them is a fantastic shot.
    Check out Erik’s work at

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  4. Tori it’s been fun getting to know you this semester. Your photography is amazing and it has gotten better and better throughout the semester. Best of luck to you in the future. Check out Haley’s portfolio for some other amazing pictures.

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  5. Tori you are awesome and I loved watching you this semester. I could tell you were so passionate about what we were learning always and it made me want to be a better photographer and student. Awesome job! Check out my page if you haven’t already!

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